Monday, March 19, 2007

Zoo and St. Patrick's day

3rd Week of March
JP at the Irish Fest holding a whiskey bottle
All dressed in green... Happy St. Patrick's day

JP and Syd at the Zurich Zoo holding an elephant tooth

Checking the elefants

Weekend in Arosa

On the second week of March, we got ready for a weekend in Arosa, a ski resort south of Zurich. I had to go to London for the day on Friday so Sandy and the kids got there on Friday on their own and I drove with a coworker in the evening. They got to swim at the hotel pool and play at the kid’s room on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning after breakfast, we went sledding on a very short sled trail (took longer to get to the top than to get down). The rest of the day we spent at the hotel spa where the kids went swimming and I tried a co-ed sauna for the first time in my life (textile-free sauna). On Saturday night I stayed with the kids and Sandy went sledding at 10 PM (company’s tradition). On Sunday morning I tried snowboarding for the first time. We went back home in the afternoon.
So as you can read, our Swiss life is full of first times and we are taking it all in.

Sydney's birthday parties

The first week of the month was all about Sydney. JP cooked pancakes so that we could put candles and practice blowing (what a good brother!); Mami did put the candles on the pancakes while they were still hot so the candles started to melt... sorry!
We had two birthday parties and they were both a lot of fun and full of Mexican food. It is amazing how quickly the time passes by. Just two years ago we had a winter storm the night Sydney was born; I started contractions at 2:30 am and she was born by 5:40 am. JP saw the whole thing. She loves her brother and while she imitates EVERYTHING JP does (except going to the potty), she has an attitude of her own; She is clever, funny, a little dramatic and sometimes stubborn. She is just perfect and we love her so much. Happy birthday Sydster!