Sunday, January 01, 2012

Cruise to the Bahamas-January 2012


We spent our third week on a 7 day cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic departing and returning to Miami:


Day 1 - We boarded the ship on New Year’s Eve, had lunch, and then got right down to business:  we immediately went to the pool and tried out the water slides (three different ones).  We then went rock climbing and repelling.  Before we knew it, it was time for the safety drill.  After the drill, we showed up and got ready for dinner.  We had special reservations for Cirque Dreams and Dinner.  As you can imagine, it was a cirque du sole type of show with dinner.  After dinner, we tried out the kid’s corner for an hour while Sandy and I did a little gambling.  Afterwards, we tried to stay up to bring in the New Year, but we did not have it in us.  


Day 2 - We all had a tough night’s sleep as it was our first night on the ship.  We would have been better off staying up partying.  We got ourselves out of bed anyway as we had another special reservation for breakfast with the Nickelodeon characters.  After breakfast, we put the kids in the kids corner for the morning, while Sandy and I hit the casino again.  We spent 60 and won a souvenir die (not worth it, but we were committed).  We picked up the kids, had lunch, and spent the afternoon at the pool.  It was very crowded, but we braved the crowd so that the kids could cool off.  We then got in line for the bungybounce (a trampoline contraption with Bungy cords).  It was not worth the hour wait, but Sandy and I were able to take turns getting ready for dinner, so the wait was not a complete waste.  We hit an early dinner and then hit the Blue Man Show.  It was great, just like the one we saw 10 years ago in Vegas.  

Day 3 - I slept much better, but Sandy did not.  We had to set the clocks forward, so we lost an hour.  After breakfast, we let the kids play on the giant spider web, then went rock climbing, repelling, and then swimming.  After lunch, we put the kids into Recess (kid’s corner) and then Sandy and I took a nap, worked out, and just relaxed in the room.  Before dinner, we checked out the Svedka ice bar and then to the on board Churascuria for dinner.  After dinner, I finally got the opportunity to listen to some Jazz in the onboard blues and jazz club called Fat Cats.


Days 4 – We arrived to St. Marteen.  We got off the ship and proceeded into town.  It was raining, so we did some shopping until the weather cleared up.  After a couple of hours, the skies cleared and we hit the beach.  It turned out to be a nice day at the beach.

Days 5 – We arrived to St. Thomas and hit the beach.  The kids had a blast.  In the evening, we hit the Svedka ice bar for a couple of drinks before dinner.

Day 6 – We had a day at sea relaxing.  The kids spent most of the time at Recess preparing for the big show that afternoon.  JP did a routine with a couple of buckets.  Sydney did a team hula hoop demonstration.    

Day 7 – We arrived to Nassau and did some snorkeling in the morning.

Day 8 – We arrived to Miami, got to the airport and then got ourselves on a plane to NY and then back to Zurich.