Friday, November 14, 2008

October-November news

The rest of November and December was very busy. We worked on creating Christmas in a Shoe Boxes to be sent to Eastern Europe. JP and Sydney were very helpful she it came to filling the boxes with contents for less fortunate children.

We also paid a visit to Planeta Magic, and indoor playground with trampolines and balls-pool.

Rabechilbi was another event we attended. JP had to carve his turnip and march with it in a procession for what is known as the Turnip Festival.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Visit to the Zoo in Syracuse

During our trip to Syracuse for the wedding, we connected with Barbie and Ally Howard and paid a long overdue trip to the zoo.  Ally is getting so tall!

It's dress up time

Syd learned so much from her cousin Chelsey in terms of dressing up. Every night we spent at the Myers, Syd and Chels dressed up and here are the pics....


Visit to the farm in Syracuse

How about a hay ride?
Find your pumpkin

Syd and Chelsey, what a pair of cuties..

Boda McKenney

Aqui van algunas fotos de la boda de David y Claire el mes pasado

Rumbo al aeropuerto