Monday, September 07, 2009

Munich de nuevo

Pucho se va esta semana asi que lo invitamos a Munich el fin de semana. Nada como ver castillos, tomar cereveza and comer cerdo como cerdos =)

Escape to Disney

We had a chance to go to Orlando for few days and it was fantastic! We saw our good friends the Parkers and it was a pleasure to see them again. The kids got along wonderfully!

Sydney and BFF Kelly Moms and daughters

The little ones!

There is always a first time... like the time we chatted with a garbage can! From tomorrowland =)

Flying a rocket

We love the little Einsteins... we do!

Dinner at downtown Disney

Magic Kingdom

I can't believe we managed to have two family pictures!


The visit to Syracuse involved many trips to the playground

4th of July after the parade

This year, we had a pinata for the kids and they loved it! Dale, dale, dale!